Frequently Asked Questions


Timeshare is a broad term used to describe the partial ownership of holiday accommodation or a right of use or access to a holiday for a specified period of time. Each “owner” owns a certain period of time, which allows the owner to occupy a unit of accommodation on an intermittent basis, making timeshare a form of pre-paid holiday plan for a pre-determined period (up to 99 years). Timeshare is not a financial investment but rather an investment in lifestyle. It is important to note, acquisition of an interest in timeshare “does not involve any form of ownership of real property”.
It is important that you read the Club’s constitution and rules and regulations carefully and ensure that you understand the obligations and benefits of membership. Please contact member services to seek any additional further information.


 Port Pacific Resort has a governing Board of Directors, comprised solely of timeshare owners who have a say in the operations and management of the resort. The Board has an appointed Resort Manager who is responsible for the day to day administration, accounting, maintenance, up keep and financial viability of the resort.

 Entitlement years are succinct with the financial year. As of the 1st of July you will have an Owners Week of Time available to use once your levy is paid in full. You must give us written instructions on the use of this week by the 30th June the following year. If your entitlement is not used by the 30th June, your entitlement will expire.  Please see the below table for an example:  

Financial year
Entitlement year
01/07/10 – 30/06/11 2010– 2011
01/07/11– 30/06/12 2011– 2012
01/07/12– 30/06/13 2012– 2013

Members will receive a levy notice each year towards the end of the current entitlement year for the following entitlement year. As the entitlement year is succinct with the financial year, your levy for the new entitlement year is due on the 1st of July and payable by the 31st of July. Port Pacific Resort allows owners to pay their levy through one lump sum payment or via an installment payment option.

Participation in the installment payment option attracts a 5% Administration surcharge. Your five monthly installment payments are due on the 30th of each month. If your payment is not received by the 30th of each month, penalty charges may be applicable. The last installment payment must be received on the 30th of November.
Any outstanding levy accounts after the 30th of November will attract an administration late payment penalty fee.

Paradise Timeshare Club Ltd requires members to pay annual maintenance levies to enable the upkeep and running of Port Pacific Resort. You must pay your levy even if you have no intention of using your entitlement.

 Port Pacific Resort accepts the below methods of payment for levies;

  • All major credit cards
  • Personal and bank cheques (only accepted in Australian dollars)
  • Money orders
  • BPAY from Australian residents
  • Direct deposit (funds transferred only accepted in Australian dollars)
  • Cash and EFTPOS, paid at the reception desk
Port Pacific Resort allows members to pay their levies in advance. As the next entitlement levy amounts are not finalised until the end of the current entitlement year, members wishing to pay their levy in advance simply pay the same amount of the current entitlement levy. At the start of the next entitlement, Port Pacific Resort will send a levy notice for any outstanding difference.

After the current levy is paid in full through the installment payment option, you can elect to continue paying installments towards the next entitlement levy. If you choose to continue the installments and pay the next entitlement levy in advance, you will not be charged the 5% surcharge for payments towards the next entitlement levy. 

 The Club constitution, rules and regulations state “Members are not able to use any facility or exercise any annual membership entitlement, including making reservations, exchanging time or selling shares until all levies and outstanding accounts have been paid in full”. Management will send all Members a levy notice of entitlement costs one month prior to the date due for payment.

Should a member’s entitlement costs be unpaid for two months after they are due and payable to the club, that Member will forfeit all membership rights and privileges. Unpaid accounts will accumulate administration charges on a periodic basis.  Should the account remain unpaid for a further period of time, a third party debt collection agency will be seeking payment from the Member with associated costs passed onto the Member.
If a Member defaults and the default is not remedied within two years, the Board may serve a notice (Default notice) on the Member advising the Member of the default and further advising the member that if the default is not remedied in one month, the Members share entitlement will be forfeited to ensure that there is no continuing debt.
A Member with a forfeited share shall remain liable to pay the club all money which, at the date of forfeiture, was payable by such person to the club in respect of the shares (including any administration and interest charges). The club’s constitution states “Any share forfeited shall be deemed to be the property of the club and may be re-sold or re-allotted or otherwise disposed of for the benefit of the club, on such terms and in such manner as the Board thinks fit. Following the sale of the forfeited share, Paradise Timeshare Club will apply the proceeds in meeting all reasonable sale and administrative costs, the repayment of any outstanding amounts to the Club (including the outstanding levies or defaults).

 Fixed week owners have purchased shares with the right of use only available for use during the allocated week purchased. Port Pacific Resort has four fixed week periods, being weeks 52 (last week of December), 1, 2 and 3 (first three weeks of January).

Floating week owners are not restricted to a set week during the year. Floating week owners have purchased a share with the right of use available anytime subject to availability, except during the four fixed weeks. 

One bedroom share entitlement owners are entitled to a one bedroom apartment allocation during their right of use. One bedroom apartments sleep a maximum of 4 people, including infants and children. Sleeping arrangements normally are two people per bedroom plus two people on a fold out sofa divan in the lounge room.  

Two bedroom share entitlement owners are entitled to a two bedroom apartment allocation during their right of use. Two bedroom apartments sleep a maximum of 6 people, including infants and children. Sleeping arrangements normally are two people per bedroom plus two people on a fold out sofa divan in the lounge room.  

 To make a booking to use your OWT at your home resort, you have three options.

  • Send a letter to the resort with your preferred booking dates. Please make sure you have listed your full name, member number, current contact details and the number of people to be staying with you.
  • Send an email to the member service team (, making sure you list your preferred booking dates, your full name, member number, current contact details and the number of people to be staying with you.
  • Simply fill out the booking request form, which is located in the standard forms section.

 Upon the commencement of trading at Port Pacific Resort, the Board of Directors and timeshare members voted for the Paradise timeshare club rules and regulations to include the stipulation that all owners must submit their entitlement use requests in writing. All written documents concerning entitlement usage are stored in the member’s file and assist the Member Services team reach a solution when entitlement usage discrepancies occur. 

 Yes. Port Pacific Resort allows owners to upgrade the apartment allocation. All upgrade requests must be in writing and must adhere to the following:

  • Two bedroom share owners can upgrade their apartment allocation to a three bedroom apartment which sleeps up to 8 people, including infants and children. Please note the three bedroom apartments are located on the town and mountain view side of the resort.  
  • One bedroom share owners can upgrade their apartment allocation to an extra large one bedroom apartment which sleeps up to 6 people, including infants and children. Please note the extra large one bedroom apartments are located on the town and mountain view side of the resort.
  • Upgrade fees will apply and must be paid in full upon check in.

Yes. Please keep in mind that the request is ONLY a request and Port Pacific Resort does not guarantee booking requests will be fulfilled. 

Our member services team try to fulfill all requests to the best of their ability. However, previous/future bookings, continual booking alterations, occasional urgent maintenance repairs or other unforeseen circumstances have an impact on room allocations which prevent the resort from fulfilling your booking requests. 

One bedroom owners have the option of upgrading to an extra large one bedroom apartment. The extra large one bedroom apartments are located on the town and mountain view side of Port Pacific Resort. Limited two bedroom apartments are available on the water view side of the resort, however, these apartments are reserved for the two bedroom owners as per their entitlement.

 Car parking spaces in the undercover car park are unallocated spaces. 

As designated in the Club rules and regulations, split weeks must be two periods of three and four days, and only one period may include a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This rule was established by the Board of Directors and financial timeshare members when the resort first opened. To change this rule you must raise the motion at the AGM and receive the majority vote of present, financial club members.

Cleaning fees for your Owners Week of Time (OWT) are included in the annual levy. If you choose to use your OWT as a split week, effectively you are using two cleans for the apartment as opposed to one clean using your OWT for 7 consecutive nights

 Yes, as the timeshare owner you may send someone else to use your share entitlement or bring additional guests, subject to the limitations of your maximum occupancy of the share entitlement. Your guests are entitled to the full benefits and use of amenities at the resort. You may also bring guests (again, limited by the maximum occupancy) when you exchange to other resorts. As the timeshare owner, you are responsible for the conduct of guest(s) and liable for any damage caused by their guest(s), regardless of whether the Member is present or not. The Resort is to be provided with full details of guests at the time of booking.

 Members and resident guests may invite visitors to the Resort during their holiday, but such visitors may only be at the Resort, whilst in the company of the inviting Member or guest. Visitors are to be met at reception and signed in and out by the Member or guest.

Visitor numbers are limited to the maximum occupancy of the share entitlement you own. For example, if you own a one bedroom share, you may only invite 4 day visitors. Port Pacific Resort has set this rule to ensure safety, security and comfort for all of our guests.  
If you can not/do not wish to use your timeshare at your home resort, Port Pacific Resort offers the following alternatives:
  • Bank your week with an affiliated exchange company: You are able to join an exchange company and deposit your week with them. There are several companies affiliated with Port Pacific Resort and you can save your weeks for future use or use your banked week to experience another property.
  • Place your week into the rental pool: Submit a rental pool application and Port Pacific Resort will rent your week out to the general tourism market. Dividends from income earned will be disbursed equally to all owners participating in the rental pool. Rental pool application forms can be downloaded from the website or mailed out to you.
  • Give your week to family or friends to use: You are able to send family or friends to Port Pacific Resort, using your owner’s week of time. 

Please note: The Member Services team requires all instructions regarding the use of your entitlement in writing. They accept letters, faxes, emails & submitted application forms from the website.  

 Entitlements can not be accrued. Should a member not use their entitlement the week is forfeited for that period. However, the member us still responsible for all entitlement costs even if it has not been used.

 To make a booking using your banked week, you will need to contact the exchange company with which your week is banked. Once weeks are banked with exchange companies, Port Pacific Resort does not have access to, or handle the entitlement further.   

Members who have banked previous entitlements with exchange companies have tried to use their banked week to come back to Port Pacific Resort, only to be told we do not have availability. The members have then contacted the resort and been told we do have availability. This seems to be a discrepancy and members are often confused as to why the exchange company has told them we do not have availability.

The reason behind this situation is related to the banked exchange weeks. When a member banks a week, we allocate the banked week to the exchange company. If the exchange company has already used this banked week for another booking with the same dates, the exchange company will show no availability at Port Pacific Resort. Exchange companies can only use the allocated member banked weeks, we can not bank additional weeks. Availability must be kept for members who do not wish to bank their week to come and stay at their home resort.

 Members participating in the rental pool can generally expect to receive their rental pool disbursement within six to eights week after the end of financial year.

Rental pool closes:

  • Floating weeks: Applications close on the 30th of September annually, the rental pool finishes at the end of the entitlement period (30th of June).
  • Fixed week: Applications closes on the 30th of September annually, the rental pool finishes at the end of the fixed week entitlement period (Week 3).  
The methods of disbursement will be via the individual member nominated method, previously selected on the rental pool application form.   

 Several factors affect the rental pool disbursement you receive from placing your week into the rental pool. The number of owners in the pool, tourism market activity and resort operational costs all affect the final disbursement figure.

There are a number of different rental pools in which placement is dependent upon the type of share owned. The income received from the weeks in the rental pool is distributed evenly to all participants.
Owners who place their week into the rental pool are allowing Port Pacific Resort to let out their right of use in the general tourism market. Tourism market demand heavily influences the rental pool return. If Port Pacific Resort experiences low demands for tariff (non timeshare guests) bookings, the rental pool disbursement will be lower. Should Port Pacific Resort experience high demands for tariff bookings, the rental pool disbursement should increase.  

 When timeshare members bank their week with an exchange company, they are giving their week at their home resort to the exchange company to allow other timeshare members to experience their resort. This process allows timeshare owners to experience other resorts right throughout the world.

In order for this process to work effectively, the exchange companies require banked weeks of the current entitlement year to be at least 6 weeks in advance. This ensures the exchange companies have time to book these weeks out to other timeshare owners. and the weeks are not lost due to expired entitlements.
Port Pacific Resort has never allowed members to make long standing arrangements for the use of their timeshare. A rental pool application form must be filled out every entitlement year and signed by all persons in which the share is owned.

Please refer to the information provided in “What happens if I have not given instructions on how I wish to use my timeshare during the entitlement period?” for information on what happens to your entitlement if we have not received your instructions for the current entitlement period 

As a timeshare member of Paradise Timeshare Club Ltd, your share has a right of use attached. You effectively “own” the right of use, therefore you are able to bring anyone with you to stay at Port Pacific Resort during your right of use. The weeks available for members tariff are weeks that are owned by the resort. Discounted rates are available, for the member and immediate family (ie. children and parents only) Bookings for members tariff are subject to availability as determined by the Resort.